24 novembre 2010

DXCC 150 on 80m

Great Signal from C50C this evening, one call and in the log my 150 DXCC on 80m & my 140 DXCC 80 SSB. But impossible to listen to ZL8X, i hope to have time to do a pennant to ZL8X direction before the end for RX and maybe QSO whynot !!
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24 novembre 2010


Nice QSO on 20m CW with 100w Dipole @ 6m high Hope to get more QSO since the end!
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11 novembre 2010

DXCC 271

After new PJ2/PJ4/PJ5/PJ7 I work YJ0HA on 20m CW, very hard with dipole and 100w, but 270 DXCC is ok!! Hope soon 273 with ZL8X & ZK2A !! if my equipment is enough over pile up again!!
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23 octobre 2010

DXCC 267 !!!!

This morning on 30m CW worked my 267 DXCC with DT8A and worked again DT8A this evening on 10m CW. A lot of great contact today to Asia on 10m VU/ HS/ E20/ 4S/ EK/ TA heard DU9RG, and some W/ V44/ XE/ FM/ FG/ KP4/ YV/ OX It's very good for 12 & 10m DXCC plan a lot of new one!!
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18 juin 2010

3C9B 17m SSB

MY DXCC 263 3C9B 17m SSB
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16 juin 2010


2m/6m ES is closed for the moment, i take time to work MY 262 DXCC >>> 3C0C 17m SSB
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29 mai 2010

MS on 10m whynot!!

This afternoon, my friend M0HKB Keiron test his new 10m antenna, he ask me via Skype if i hear him, on 28.490.I heard him,but only some MS burst , and we try a MS SSB QSO with normal procedure, and we will do it without problem was funny.G3IRQ was also on 490 but didn't know procedure and it was impossible to make the QSO hard to understand.M0HKB  400w 4 ele yagi monobanderHERE     100w 5ele yagi monobander I think i will make some other test, if anybody want a sked for test, pse ask me!!
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24 mai 2010

new DXCC on 6m

Very happy to hear and work Ali JY4NE on 6m during the 2m ES openning!, Hard to be active everywhere  in the same time but it's worked, it's the most important!Still waiting for A7 and A9 but need patient !
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16 mai 2010

2m MS week end activity!!!

This week end i work some MS QSO on friday withDK5OX  JN59   931KMHA8CE   KN06  1556 KMon saturday withEI8IQ   IO62    902 KMDL8SCQ  JN48  793 KMDF1SO  JN48   769KMI2SVA  JN45   690KMIV3NDC  JN65   1026 KMMake a test with RU2FM  in KO04  1767 km, some nice burst but QSO not complete hope work next time!!
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13 mai 2010

6m ES openning !

This afternoon wide open to Scandinavia!Work about 80 QSO to LA/OZ/SM/OH0 very nice one with very strong report and at the end i participate a litlle at NAC contest.Yet still nothing from middle east  A92, A71 !!!!!!!!!!
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